1. Is there a demonstration version available? There is no demonstration version available, however, we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee. If the tool does not live up to the expectations we have set in the information provided in the website, we will gladly refund your initial subscription fee immediately. We would ask for your feedback as to where/why the tool proved unsatisfactory, however your subscription refund is not dependant on your feedback. 2. Where is the inputted data stored – locally or on a host machine? The data is stored on the host web-server upon which the Form 26 tool resides. 3. If it is a host machine, what security is in place and how is the data backed up? Security is provided by conventional username/password access that prevents unauthorised access to the back-end processes. Backups are performed on a daily (nightly) basis by the hosting provider. Consideration has been given to providing a data backup/export process for individual accounts to provide an additional layer of backup security and the ability to use the data for local analysis. Market need/demand will drive the provision of this feature. 4. I assume the form is completed within the web browser? The form is completed in multiple stages throughout the process (it is not just an online PDF). The client data is collected, the faults are documented, the images are upload and the report is produced. The whole inspection process can be revisited as many times as is required to produce the final result. 5. What ability is there to further customise the form or add user specific comments? The Form26 process provides significant opportunities to tailor the comments made in relation to the nature of the breach and the rectification actions required. This aspect of the tool has been developed with the input from practising Pool Safety Inspectors, however, we expect that, with broader use, other requirements will arise. Your feedback will contribute to the future development of the product.