Feature Updates (V2.1)

A number of enhancements were rolled out this evening including: -

  • Compliant Pool Management - now you can record your compliant inspections, within the form26.com.au system as well! This feature is response to requests to be able to manage all inspections in one place. There is a new field in the Inspection Detail window called "Compliant Pool?", which defaults to No (and business as usual). If you select Yes, the Print Form26 and Fault options are replaced with a link to the Pool Safety Register login page, so that you can go and complete the Form 23 online.This capability will expanded in a future release to provide a breakdown by inspection type on the My Inspections page.
  • Inspection Checklist - don't get excited ... After some consideration, we have decided to provide the ability to upload your own checklist to the site so that it can be pulled up from within the application (in another window), whilst onsite. The file can be uploaded on the My Profile page and then be launched from the Inspection Detail page, alongside the new Compliant Pool? field.

    Checklists are only useful to those using the system in the field (to late, when back in the office!) and therefore will likely be used on iPad/iPhones and the like or laptops. For this reason we have determined that the file type for the checklist needs to be PDF, to be broadly usable across devices. This requirement can be changed in the future, if compelled to do so.

  • Edit the Built-in Shortcuts - you can now make the stock shortcuts your own by saving them as such and editing the detail. The My Shortcuts window now lists the built-in shortcuts below your current ones and you can simply add them to your list and edit away.
  • Visual Improvements - some minor changes were made to make the pages more iPad friendly (and Safari and Chrome friendly, as it turns out).

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