How It Works

The service provided by allows you to complete your non-compliance Form 26 online and save your data! The supporting documentation for each inspection is collected as you complete the process, the end result being a completed Form 26, which you can print, email or go back and edit as many times as you like. Here's a sample. Here are some of the features: -
  • INSPECTION WIZARD - a simple, step-by-step process that takes you through the form, prompting the required information as you go. You can go back, forward or stop what you are doing at any time without losing information already provided. Of course, you can elect do the whole form at once, if you like!   
  • SHORTCUTS - select from a comprehensive range of common non-compliances, which will auto-populate the text for Section 5 - Description (including a reference to the relevant legislation) and include a diagram depicting the requirements of the legislation in Section 6 - Drawing (if one exists). The inserted text can then be augmented or overwritten with your site specific notes.   
  • IMAGE UPLOAD - If you have taken photographs of the specific breaches (as you should), you can upload them to the site for inclusion in Section 5 - Drawing. You can upload multiple images per breach and have multiple breaches per inspection. You can also upload images and diagrams for inclusion in Section 6 - Drawing to provide advice and guidance for rectification of the fault.  
  • iPhone AND iPad SUPPORT - Images can be directly uploaded from your phone or tablet directly into the application, allowing yo to complete and dispatch your Form 26 onsite! Many other devices are also supported.  
  • INSPECTION SAVE - If you haven't the time to finish the inspection or perhaps you are just setting up a series of inspections, prior to a day in the field. The process saves your work as you go. When you log back in, simply select the inspection you were working on and keep going.   
  • PDF GENERATION - When the form is complete, simply click "Print Inspection" and a properly formatted, Form 26 PDF is generated right in your browser, which you can then save, print or email. View a completed Form 26 PDF here.  
  • REPORTS - You can update a "status" field for each inspection (e.g.  current, complete), which you can then report on - to find out where you are at!