Inspection Reports (V2.0)

At last!

As at release 2.0, now provides it's inspectors the ability to produce inspection reports as well as the Form 26 document. These reports can be customised with your own company header image and footer text and use the same information as collected for the Form 26. See a simple example.

The header image is uploaded in your profile page in the same way as your signature and the there is now a field for the text you'd like to see at the footer of each page. You'll find the Print Report button alongside the Print Form 26 button.

Take it for a spin and provide your feedback. All comments and suggestions are welcome, especially those that are generic in nature and likely to please everyone.

Note: The image size requirements of the header are quite strict (768 x 100) for proper display. Any size can be loaded but will be distorted or fuzzy if not as specified. Please contact us, if you need a hand.

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