New Feature Release (V3.0)

A major upgrade is nearing completion and is scheduled for rollout in the near term, dependent on a successful testing process. It includes a number of new features and a significant change in format.

Cover Page

The Cover Page feature permits the creation of a uniform cover sheet to include with your Form 26 pages. It uses your report header and footer and contains the following formation: -

  • Inspection date.
  • Re-inspection By date.
  • Property details.
  • A Comments area.
  • A Property Image, identifying the inspection site.
  • A Google aerial map, either based on the GPS data present in the Property Image or on the propery address, if not present.
  • Standard text, outlining the owners obligations.

The Cover Page feature is enabled in the new Preferences page, described below.


The Invoice feature enables the production of an invoice for the services reatled to the inspection. It also uses the standard report format (header and footer) and allows you to specify multiple line items for the invoice.

To comply with the ATO's Tax Invoice requirements, the Profile page now has an ABN field. You can also specify your banking details to facilitate direct debit details on the invoice.

The Invoice Page feature is also enabled in the new Preferences page, described below.

Tabbed Browsing

The layout of the pages has changed so that each section is accessible via tabs, reducing the need to scroll to acess the information you need. There have been a number of other styling changes that you will notice as you move around the site.


There is a new preference menu item that contains a number of personalisation controls, including: -

  • limited control over the size of the images generated in the Form 26.
  • enable (or disable) the Cover Page and Invoicing Page.
  • the auto-include of the stock rectification diagrams on the Faults Page.

There have also been significant changes under the covers, especially to how the images are managed in the back end (the gigabytes were getting very hard to manage!)

If you like to have a glimpse of the newest version before it moves in to production, the new facility is available to test at (the development site).

I would encourage you to spend a few minutes to take a look and pass your comments and suggestions back. The site should be up to date as of a few day ago.


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