Re-inspections (V2.3)

A small update has been rolled into production that includes the following features:-

  • Re-inspections - to cater for the need to re-inspect the same property, either for their annual or bi-annual renewals (which will start happening in the new year) or for¬†other reasons, we have added a new button on the Inspection Detail screen that allows you to create a new inspection using the property details of the one displayed. This will save the need to re-type all the information for a return visit. The new inspection will take on the same category as the one you are "cloning" and will appear above it in the My Inspections screen (i.e. they are sorted in descending date order).
  • Fault order - so that you can control the order in which your faults are displayed in the Form26 and report, there is now an order field in the Fault Detail screen and the value you enter is displayed in the Inspection Detail screen. The order number is by default "1", however you can use any number and they don't have to be consecutive - lower numbers will be displayed first.

If you encounter any issues with the new release, please let me know ...

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