The Subscription

Here is some important information you'll need to understand before you sign up for the subscription service.

Firstly, you'll need to have a PayPal account. The entire subscription process is managed at PayPal, not at

This is a good thing because: -

  • YOU are in control - you can cancel anytime, without asking anyone.
  • WE don't need to see, store or have anything to do with your credit card, bank accounts or other financial information.

It's likely that you are already one of the existing 100 million PayPal account holders on the planet but if not, head to and get started. PayPal accounts are easy and safe to setup (just follow their steps) and have a variety of other benefits, as well!

Now that we have that sorted, here's what to do next: -

  • Head to the Join Now page and select your desired subscription option
  • This will take you to PayPal where you will login with your account
  • Complete the PayPal purchase and you will be returned to (and you'll receive a confirmation email)
  • You'll arrive at the Registration Page, where you'll choose a username and password.
  • Once registered, you can then Login and start creating your inspections.

Once logged in, you'll find tutorials on how to use the system and tips for getting the maximum benefit out of the system .

Please note that subscription to implies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.