The Invoice Page

The Invoice PageOnce you have enabled the Invoice Page facility in My Preferences, the Inspection Detail screen will display an additional tab, as shown. There will also be a new tab in the My Profile page that will require the input of your ABN, EFT details and other invoice specific information.

The new Invoice Page pemits the entry of one or more line items to be presented on an invoice that can printed out and included with the Form26 and optional Cover Page.

There are two fields that identify the description of the service and the price - and a checkbox that indicates whether GST is included in that price. Most services will attract the GST, however the certificate itself, does not (as we are given to understand!).

There is also a checkbox to indicate whether the invoiced item has been paid, so that you can reprint the invoice (with a zero or partial balance) once a payment is received.

Once you have created a line item and updated the invoice, you can continue to add items until the invoice is complete.

The invoice itself is printed with the same header and footer specified in the Report, so if you are intending to use the invoicing facility and have yet to setup the report header and footer  - now is the time to do it. Head to Report tab in My Profile. Let us know if you need help with this.

Here is an example of sorts.

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